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Ausounds AU-Lens

Unisex Bluetooth Audio Enthusiast Sunglasses
-  add a whole lot of convenience, enjoyment and safety to you life  - 

The AU-Lens are engineered to provide unexpected audio quality from a pair of sunglasses. These sunglasses also have premium microphones and noise reduction technology to allow you to take phone calls handsfree.

au-lens person 2.jpg

Ausounds unique unisex Wayfarer design has been a stable of fashion since the early 50's. These acetate frames were hand selected to last a lifetime for durability and fashion. The AU-Lens audio sunglasses come in black and tortoise brown to match any outfit, day or night.

Cycling   -   Jogging   -  Sitting by the  pool   -   Patio   -   Gardening   

AU-Lens black 6.png
AU-Lens brown 6.png

-  add safety to your outdoor activities  -
-  hear the environment around you  -
-  answer your phone with one touch -
-  you can finally talk to your headphone or earbud wearing teenager  -
-  enhance your music listening with hi-fi quality sound  -


These multi-functional glasses give you options. The AU-Lens come equipped with Polaroid Polarized lens' that are easily removed and can be replaced with prescription lens'. It is recommended to contact your local lens provider to change the lens. 

AU-Lens Person 1.PNG


With a touch of a button, access "Hey Siri" or "Hey Google" for convenient Voice Assistance. Fast charge capabilities and five hours of continuous music playback allows you to stream your favorite playlist on the go.

On sale for June
$199 CDN 


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