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Angstrom - Speakers

Angstrom, the Canadian speaker manufacturer was founded in 1978 with the sole purpose of designing and producing high quality loudspeakers.

Angstrom is fully dedicated to the design and development of loudspeakers of the highest quality and value in contemporary style ... and the value is definitely there especially for those who want great sound without the high-end price tag. 


For people turned off by bulky conventional speakers, high-performing on-walls like the Sonatas are now among the possibilities. The Forza wireless subwoofer performs wonderfully and outdoes most subwoofers in its price range, providing high value.

Angstrom Room Image.JPG

Angstrom - Speaker Line

Angstrom Suono-Speaker.jpg
Angstrom Obbligato Speaker_edited.jpg
Angstrom Forza-Wireless-Sub_300.jpg
Angstrom Ambient.jpg
Angstrom Inceiling.jpg
Angstrom Avio 805 Outdoor Speaker -1.jpg
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