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Our Latest Project Completed:

TransRotor Massimo TT w/ Odyssey tonearm and Miyabi MCA cartridge
VTL TL 5.5 preamp
McCormack DNA-500 Amp
Elac FS 247 speakers
A pair of JL Audio sub-woofers

"When I started my upgrade to my system, I never thought I would get to the point where I am today. The guys at Astute Audio are quite simply amazing. They really know their stuff and more importantly, they are extremely honest and transparent. They listened to me and then step by step designed the system I have today. I could not be happier. They exposed me to equipment that I never knew even existed and it outperformed a lot of what I had heard before. I very highly recommend Curtis and Richard at Astute Audio to anyone that is interested in upgrading or purchasing a system. They are not shy to tell you if you are going in the wrong direction. They put together a system that sounds  well beyond my anticipation and imagination."

Jim V.

Some Very Good Advice to my Fellow Audiophiles and Music Fans


Preamp: VTL 2.5 modified

Amps: Sunfire 300x2, Cinema Grand Signature

DAC: MSB Link Gold 3 (with P1000 power base)

Transport: CEC TL-2

Table: Oracle Delphi MK-I / Stax UA7cf / Goldnote Donatello

Phono Stage: Musical Paradise MP-P2

Speakers: Carver AL-IIIs with 15” Eminence subwoofers

Cables:  Audio Sensibility - Signature & Statement Silver Series

"If you are looking to either build or improve your audio system, I absolutely recommend you speak to Curtis & Richard at Astute Audio!

The team at Astute are audiophiles themselves and are very passionate about what they do. For them, it is not just about selling product, it is the about taking the time to understand their customers’ needs and to build long term relationships with them! In the 15 years I have known Curtis, he has taught me a lot about audio and has guided me in my journey to build the system I have today.

My most recent purchase from Astute was a Gold Note Donatello LOMC cartridge. I was leaning towards a different cartridge and Curtis recommended the Gold Note. He carefully explained how the synergy of it along with my arm and phono-stage would work together to sound fantastic!

Not only did I purchase the Gold Note, but Curtis took the time to install it on my Delphi and then dial it in! The end result… Curtis was right!! It sounds amazing and it overachieves in my expectations.

Listening to music is my passion. My journey in the world of audio is not finished yet (please don’t tell my wife!) and as I continue to change and upgrade in the future, Astute Audio will be my ONLY choice!"

Thank you Curtis & Richard!

Brad T.

A Loyal Customer for 14 Years:

"I have very often spoken to Curtis just to get some ideas on what the latest and greatest things are. It has always amazed me that he has always been up to date with what's new and what's coming down the pipeline.


He has always been honest and upfront with me and even steered me away from making purchases that he knew I would not be happy with even though it would have been a huge sale for him. This only highlights that Curtis has taken the time to get to know me and what I am looking for in sound quality. He would recommend a product after listening to what I was trying to achieve in my home, even if it was at a much lower cost than what I had in mind. He has never leaded me astray. This says a lot about his character.

Curtis is a one-of-a-kind person who goes beyond any other sales person I have ever dealt with in all my years of purchasing audio and video equipment,  not only for myself but also for the corporate office."

Morris F.

Love my 2 Channel and Surround Sound System

Elac FS 247 Front speakers
Totem rear speakers (formerly front speakers)
2 x Angstrom subwoofers

Onkyo AV Receiver

"I would highly recommend working with Richard and Curtis at Astute Audio. They know their equipment and they know how to set it up in a way that you will get the most enjoyment from it. They adapt to what the customer wants and to the budget at hand. Both Richard and Curtis will go the extra mile for you.


I wanted to purchase and set up a surround sound system in my basement so I worked with Curtis and Richard. We discussed my budget constraints and from those came my new 5.2 system. Curtis set up my system and blew me away with the sound from both audio and video sources. I have an old Sony XBR HD tv that I thought was producing a great picture, but I was soon to be pleasantly surprised. With his ability and the remote he moved the picture quality of my TV to a new much higher level that I couldn’t believe. I believe that this Sony is right there with any 4K tv at this moment. I think you would have a tough time finding someone who knows their audio and video equipment and setup more than Curtis."

Jim B.

They Built me a Killer of a Stereo System:

Kronos Pro turntable w/ Odyssey tonearm and Miyabi/47 cartridge
Acoustic Arts CD player

VTL TL 6.5 Preamp
VTL MB 450 Series II mono block amps (running the top end of the speakers)
Mark Levinson mono block amps (running the bottom end of the speakers)
Elac FS 609 CE speakers
2 x JL Audio Fathom F113 subwoofers

"If you want a killer  system and great bang for the buck, Curtis and Richard at Astute Audio are the people I would highly recommend. They know their stuff, they listen to you and they deliver well beyond your expectations.


When I set out to upgrade my stereo, I never thought that I could get a quality of sound even close to what I have today. It has been an educational and emotional journey as they worked with me to build my system one or two components at a time.


In all my dealings at high-end audio stores and audio shows, I have never met anyone as knowledgeable and skilled as Curtis and I have never heard a stereo that can go toe to toe with Richard's. It really is amazing and is proof of just how good and knowledgeable Astute Audio is.


If you want the best for your budget, this team certainly will not disappoint you. They are patient, they listen yo you and they guide you with your best interest at heart."

Avio B.

Preamplifier Purchase


My second time dealing with Richard was as smooth as the first. The unit arrived and is in perfect condition and functions flawlessly.

I highly recommend Richard. He knows his stuff... Thank You Richard.


Elac Speaker Purchase

"Richard is a true gentleman and a man of his word. He comes highly recommended. He's a passionate and knowledgeable audiophile with a killer system. My pleasure. Richard, thanks again."


Cables & Interconnects

"I have had many successful dealings with Richard. He is truly a man of his word and someone who has a real knowledge and appreciation of 2-channel audio and has a killer system to show for it. He's a great asset to the audio industry and a wonderful person."


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