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Gold Note Amplifiers & Preamplifiers

The fine craftmanship of Gold Note began with their founding in Italy in 2012. Their products, which are sold in more than 40 countries, have had a large impact in fine audio quality worldwide. 

Gold Note stems from founder Maurizio Aterini’s strong passion for music and Hi-Fi. This pushed him on a journey to create audio systems that would best capture the nature of music.


Vivid realism, precise imaging, accurate separation of instruments, speed, clarity of detail are the qualities Gold Note focuses on and they've done a marvelous job of capturing them.

Gold Note Home Image_edited.jpg

Gold Note Amplifiers

Gold Note IS-1000 Integrated Amp and Str
Gold Note PA-10 Amp.png
Goldnote PA-1175 Amp - silver.png

Gold Note Preamplifiers

Gold Note P-1000 Preamp.png
Gold Note TUBE 1012-1006 Tube Output Sta
Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage.png
Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage.png
Gold Note PH-1 Phono Stage.png
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