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JL Audio - Speakers

JL Audio does one thing and they do it extremely well. They  build world class subwoofers that are simply outstanding.

When these award winning subwoofers are well integrated into an audio system the effect is profound. Not only is the bass extension improved but they work with the main speakers to open up the sound providing substantially improved dynamics, superior imaging and more low-level detail. Many are shocked by this transition and describe it as the greatest speaker upgrade they have ever made.

JL Audio offers an award winning lineup of  subwoofers that unleash the full dynamics of your audio experience. They look beautiful and they sound beautiful. They are simply a must have!

JL Audio in Room.JPG

“If it weren’t just a subwoofer, this would be a national treasure – or a secret weapon.”

Darryl Wilkinson, Home Theater

“The Gotham g213 produces state of-the-art bass that will improve the highest of high-end systems. I’ve heard no other subwoofer that can match it.”

Jeff Fritz, Ultra Audio

“Subwoofers of the

Chris Martens, The Perfect Vision

"2008 - 2019 Editor's

The Absolute Sound

“What are they, exactly?  I can’t answer that in a nutshell.  Not if you want more specific than fantastic.  The condensed version is that they are relatively small, insanely well-built, extremely powerful, very smooth, tight, detailed to a fine line, clean, poise-laden, dynamically proficient, utterly kick-ass subwoofers.”

Colin Miller, Secrets of Home Theater and High 

JL Audio In-Room Subwoofers

JL Audio Fathom-2.PNG
JL Audio Fathom-1.PNG
JL Audio E-Sub.PNG
JL Audio Dominion Sub.PNG
JL Audio G-Sub.PNG

JL Audio In-Ceiling - In-Wall & Subwoofers & Accessories

JL Audio Inwall.PNG
JL CR-1 Crossover.PNG
JL CR-1 JLink Wireless.PNG
JL Audio Inceilng.PNG
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