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Revox - Speakers

Swiss manufacturer, Revox, set very high  standards worldwide for studio recordings of the most well-known artistes in all music genres. 


From slender high-end floor-standing speakers and compact speakers through to invisibly installed wall- and ceiling-mounted speakers: Revox offers a wide range of speakers to experience true studio sound quality

The Revox promise, is and will always be, achieving music playback at home that is as close as possible to studio recordings. For more than 70 years, Revox has manufactured premium audio products of the highest quality.

Revox speakers offer a wonderful combination of aesthetics, affordability and beautiful sound.

Revox Room Image.JPG

Revox - Speaker Line

(available in different colours)

Revox Scala 120.PNG

Revox Scala S120 Black

Revox Scala S120 - White.jpg

Revox Scala S120 White

Revox Prestige G140.PNG

Revox Prestige G140

Revox Elegance G120.PNG

Revox Elegance G120

Revox Column G70.PNG

Revox Bookshelf, Home Theatre & Wireless Speakers

Revox StudioArt B100.PNG

Revox Bass S04

Revox Shelf G70.PNG

Revox Shelf G70

Revox Mini G50.PNG

Revox Mini G50

Revox Piccolo S60.PNG

Revox Picolo S60

Revox Center G100.PNG

Revox  Center G100

Revox Wireless Speakers

(available in black or white)

Revox StudioArt S100.PNG

S100 Audiobar

Revox StudioArt A100.PNG
Revox StudioArt A100.PNG
Revox StudioArt B100.PNG

Revox In-Wall, In-Ceiling & Outdoor Speakers

Revox Outdoor 2.PNG
Revox Inwall Speaker - White.jpg


Revox Inwall Ceiling - White.jpg


Revox Invisible.PNG


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